Friday, September 8, 2017

September Music Notes

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This month, students are discovering their inner-musician through play, movement, singing, and playing instruments. Through these activities, music literacy (reading icons/music notation) is reviewed before new rhythms and melody combinations are introduced. Proper playing technique and care for the instruments are also focused upon this month. 

Singers: How can you improve and maintain your singing voice? 
  • Practice using your speaking voice in different ranges, from very high to very low. 
  • Practice singing the songs from Music class. 
  • Sing along with you favorite tunes at home. 
  • Choose favorite story characters and sing their lines instead of reading them.
Private Music Lessons
If you take private lessons, here is an opportunity to perform a favorite piece for your class. The week before Winter Break, there will be time during your Music class to perform for us. Be sure it is well practiced and ready. Feel free to bring sheet music if you need it, and if possible, tell us the name of the piece and its composer. If it is an instrument you can carry, bring it to the Music room before school begins on your Music day. 

Connect with private lessons if you are interested in learning songs on a different instrument!!

Grades 4 and 5
By now some of you have a recorder. Be sure to purchase a recorder from the School Store. A recorder book will be provided when we begin in November. Grade 5; find your yellow recorder book from last year, and get a case for your recorder if you lost the original.

Elementary Choir will begin Wednesday, February 28, 2018. This ensemble is for all boys and girls in Grades 4 and 5, and although it may seem a long way off, students won't want to miss this opportunity to sing together, learn new songs, and maintain a healthy singing voice. This After-School Activity will meet every Sunday and Wednesday until the Grade 4/5 Concerts on May 16, 2017. Look for future announcements!

Attending CAC Concerts 
As you and your family go to concerts this year, consider what is appropriate behavior when attending performances in the CAC Theater. Click on The Ten Rules of Concert Etiquette so you and the rest of the audience can enjoy the next concert or drama production. Also share The Ten Rules of Concert Etiquette for Adults with your parents.

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